Mohsin Naqvi shares details of wife’s properties in Dubai and US

Mohsin Naqvi shares details of wife's properties in Dubai and UK.–File photo

After property leaks under the “Dubai Unlocked” project caused a national stir, Interior Minister Senator Mohsin Naqvi addressed the issue on Thursday. He clarified that all properties owned by him and his wife for over a decade were duly declared to the relevant authorities. According to Naqvi, the leaked records contained no new information about his assets.

Naqvi, who holds multiple significant positions including Minister for Narcotics Control, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman, and senator, disclosed that his wife has owned properties in both Dubai and the United Kingdom (UK) for over ten years. He addressed these revelations during a press conference in Lahore, following the leaks that implicated several high-profile individuals in Pakistan, including government officials, politicians, military generals, and others.

He emphasized that while it is the media’s right to report on significant developments, it is wrong to create the impression that individuals owned properties through illegal means or failed to declare them to the relevant authorities.

The OCCRP’s Dubai Unlocked project exposed data on thousands of Pakistanis, including over a dozen retired military officials and their families, as well as bankers, bureaucrats, and others who own properties in upscale Dubai areas.

Naqvi clarified that he was not a public officeholder 10 to 12 years ago, yet he owned numerous properties. He pointed out that records of his properties could be easily found through the details he submitted to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

Responding to the Dubai leaks, Naqvi, also known as a media mogul due to his ownership of a media group in Pakistan, reiterated that all his properties were declared and on record. He criticized the creation of an impression that his properties were acquired through unknown sources of income. Naqvi asserted his right to decide whether to invest within the country or abroad.

He criticized the creators of the Dubai leaks for intruding into his private life and wrongly labeling his lifetime earnings as illegal. He challenged anyone to prove that his properties were illegitimate and emphasized that the report did not include data on “thousands of other people who owned properties in Dubai.” Naqvi suggested that the report selectively targeted specific personalities.

Naqvi also called for an investigation into individuals who failed to declare their foreign properties or possess illegitimate assets. He expressed disappointment over the trend of branding successful businesspeople as “thieves” and vilifying business activities in the country.

Despite the criticism, the federal minister affirmed his commitment to serving the nation with a positive mindset. He stated that he would continue to focus on his duties without being swayed by negative remarks.

Punjab Interim CM Mohsin Naqvi denies new Lahore DC Rafia Haider is his relative

When questioned about Ali Amin Gandapur’s threatening comments, Naqvi downplayed the issue, suggesting that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) chief minister likely made a political statement. He asserted that a sensible person would not consider taking over a government building.

Previously, KP CM Gandapur had threatened to take over the Peshawar Electric Supply Company (Pesco) if the loadshedding issue remained unresolved. Naqvi assured that any attempts to seize control of a state-owned installation would be appropriately addressed.

Regarding the situation in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), Naqvi mentioned that funds amounting to Rs23 billion had been allocated to the region’s government. He responded to criticism for not visiting AJK by referencing the 18th Amendment, suggesting that critics should familiarize themselves with its provisions.

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