Aima Baig’s new song ‘Long Time’ releasing on April 11

Aima Baig has once again turned the heat on by announcing the release of her new song 'Long Time' on Eid-ul-Fitr 2024.–Photo courtesy Instagram

Aima Baig is one of Pakistan’s most sought-after singers with several hit songs under her belt. Lately, she has proved her artistic skill in hits like HBL PSL Anthem 2024 ‘Khul Ke Khel’, ‘Funkari’, ‘Washmallay’ and ‘HBL PSL Mashup 2023’.

Very much like her vocal talent, Aima Baig’s stage performances are soulful and moving. When it comes to proving her fashion sense, she blends elegance with modern trends. She has won a Lux Style Award nomination for Most Stylish Musician. In short, Aima Baig is not just a talented vocalist and style icon; she’s a trailblazer in the Pakistani music industry.

Aima Baig has once again turned the heat on by announcing the release of her new song ‘Long Time’ on Eid-ul-Fitr 2024. Taking to Instagram on Friday, she shared a poster of her new song with the following caption:

“Long Time”

“We made this song a long time ago – and i feel like now is the perfect time to release it on this Eid 11th april 2024. I think everyone can relate to the lyrics in some capacity – lets hope you guys will like it. Cant wait for you guys to listen and watch the MV, @thatlil.kid and @uzzifilms did an amazing job shooting the video – it’ll surely be a fun watch.”

Aima Baig performs Umrah!

Aima Baig recently returned from Saudi Arabia after performing Umrah. Narrating her experience during the pilgrimage, she wrote, “The Summoning – terrifying, beautiful, an aghast feeling all at the same time. Its like you’re unlocking a few secrets of the world – everytime it gives you smthn to always remember. May ALLAH always keep summoning me for my tauba’s and also may ALLAH always keep my Aba jiii w me forever. Ily father.”

Aima Baig breakup with Shahbaz Shigri

In September 2022, Aima Baig went through a traumatic phase of her life when reports of her breakup with actor Shahbaz Shigri surfaced on the media and then British model Taloulah Mair accused her of cheating with her boyfriend Qes Ahmed, a British Pakistani filmmaker.

Aima Baig, Ali Zafar coming up with ‘something pretty exciting’!

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