Aima Baig, Ali Zafar coming up with ‘something pretty exciting’!

Aima Baig and Ali Zafar are coming up with something exciting for their fans.–Photo courtesy Aima Baig's Instagram page

A song, movie, or commercial! It’s not clear yet what they are working on together, but there definitely is something and the hint comes right from the horse’s mouth.

Aima Baig, one of Pakistan’s most talented and sought-after female singer these days, took to Instagram on Monday to announce her upcoming project with famous singer, songwriter and actor Ali Zafar. Without giving any further details, she announced: “Something’s comin’ up! Trust me, it’s pretty exciting.”

Aima Baig and Ali Zafar haven’t done too many projects together in recent months therefore their fans might love to see them together.

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