University of Lahore expels two students as proposal video goes viral

The boy hugs the girl after she proposed him publicly on the main campus of the University of Lahore.

The University of Lahore (UoL), a private sector higher education institution based in the Punjab capital, on Friday expelled two of its students, a girl and a boy, after the girl proposed the boy in front of several students on the main campus.

The university took action against the students on Friday after a video went viral showing Hadiqa Javaid going down on one knee to propose Shehryar Ahmad on the campus amid the cheers and applause of several university fellows.

The video spread on the social media like a fire and the issue became a top trend on Twitter by Friday evening, with a vast majority of Twitter users criticising the boy and the girl over their public display of affection and emotions.

Keeping in view the people’s reaction, the University of Lahore sprang into action and expelled the students. According to an Office Order issued by UoL Registrar Mian Khalid Karim, “A meeting of the Special Disciplinary Committee was held on 12-3-2021 at 10:30am in the Office of the Rector under the convenorship of UOL BOG chairman. Hadiqa Javaid, Reg. No. MCHEM02203021, and Shehryar Ahmad, Reg. No. 70067149, who were involved in gross misconduct and violation of University rules, were called to appear before the Special Discipline Committee. They failed to appear.

“The Special Discipline Committee in pursuance of Section 9 of the General Discipline Rules and Code of Conduct on the Campus” decided to expel Ms. Hadiqa Javed, Reg. No. MCHEM02203021, and Shehryar Ahmad, Reg. No. 70067149, for violating the University rules and regulations and serious infractions of the code of conduct.

“Furthermore, as per Section 16 of the “General Discipline Rules and Code of Conduct on the Campus”, they were barred from entering the premises of the University of Lahore and all its sub-campuses.”

The University of Lahore expelled its two students over public marriage proposal.

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