Pakistani TikTok girl becomes model after viral dance video

Social media has the power to make or break anyone’s life and Pakistani TikTok girl Ayesha is one of the people social media has made celebrities overnight.

A video of social media sensation Ayesha dancing to the remix of the hit Indian song “Mera Dil Ye Pukare Aaja”, originally sung by the legendary Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar, went viral a few weeks ago.

Soon after her dance video went viral, morning show host Nida Yasir invited Ayesha to Good Morning Pakistan TV show on ARY Digital.

Ayesha’s fame received another shot in the arm when India’s dance queen and once the leading lady of the Bollywood film industry, Madhuri Dixit, recreated her dance moves and shared the video on her Instagram.

The ‘Mera Dil Ye Pukare’ viral dance girl is now taking full advantage of her newfound fame. There are reports that Ayesha is now doing modelling modelling assignments with mainstream brands like AStore.

Speaking at a public event, Pakistani TV anchor Absa Komal criticised this trend of awarding modelling, acting and hosting projects to youngsters shooting to fame by sharing short video clips on social media. She said such people are damaging the process and prospects of thousands of students studying acting and theatre in Pakistani universities.

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