Pakistani actresses who want to marry Sheikh Rashid!

Sheikh Rashid (C), the hot favourite of any Pakistani actress.–File photo

Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, the incumbent interior minister of Pakistan and chief of the Awami Muslim League (AML), has always been a darling of the Pakistani media because of his political shrewdness. Since he has served as the federal information for information and broadcasting in the past, he is quite famous among people of the showbiz industry as well, especially women.

Ask any popular actress or model who is dominating the big or small screen today, “If given a choice, which politician would you like to marry?” And the answer mostly certainly would be, “Sheikh Rashid.” This is the level of Sheikh Rashid’s popularity among women of the showbiz industry.

One of the reasons Sheikh Rashid’s popularity among women of the showbiz industry is that he is a chronic bachelor. And he has explained multiple times, though in a funny way, the reason why he remains a bachelor until today. He told the host on a TV show, “If you can get fresh milk without keeping a buffalo, why would you have the hassle of keeping a buffalo.”


Ayesha Omar.–File photo

Answering a hypothetical question on a comedy show recently, model and actress Ayesha Omar said she would choose Sheikh Rashid as her life partner. The choice she was given was Sheikh Rashid, Rana Sanaullah, Qaim Ali Shah, Chaudhry Shujaat and Tahirul Qadri. Explaining the reason for choosing Sheikh Rashid, Ayesha said, “He is funny, entertaining, has good sense of humour and is light-hearted.”


Hareem Farooq.–File photo

Hareem Farooq is another Pakistani actress who is stung by Sheikh Rashid’s personality and would like to marry him. Hareem is a theatre, film and television actress and a film producer. The actress, known for her work in the drama serial Diyar-e-Dil, said on a live show that she would marry Shiekh Rashid if given an opportunity. Hareem co-produced Janaan and then her 2018 blockbuster Parchi. Later, the same year, she became the first female celebrity to host the Pakistan Super League.


Shaista Lodhi.–File photo

An aesthetic medicine specialist, laser specialist and cosmetologist by profession, Dr Shaista Lodhi is a popular morning show host, model and actress. She says she would prefer to marry Sheikh Rashid if she is given the option to choose her life partner from a list of politicians. She said this on a comedy show recently.

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