Pakistan reacts to UAE-Israel ‘peace deal’

The “peace deal” between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel on Thursday drew a strong criticism from Pakistan.
Israel and the UAE have agreed to end decades of enmity as part of a “peace deal” mediated and announced by US President Donald Trump. The “peace agreement” between the two Middle Eastern states would put the Israeli annexation of West Bank lands on hold as a condition for normalising relations.

The agreement makes the UAE the third Arab country to have diplomatic relations with the Jewish state. Egypt and Jordan had recognised Israel’s right to exist decades ago.
As the news of this deal broke out, many Pakistanis took to the social media to express their feelings about it.
Muhammad Asjad cursed the Arab nations and said Pakistan would never recognise this “bloody nation”.

Naveed Khalid wrote, “We are proud that we didn’t accept that shitiest country who did an illegal occupation on Palestine.”

RAUR said, “Pakistan will never recognize Israel.”

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