I’m not married to Mufti Abdul Qavi, says Hareem Shah

Intimate relations between Mufti Abdul Qavi and TikTok star Hareem Shah have been a talk of the town in recent days.–File photo

TikTok star Hareem Shah disclosed this week on a live show how she planned and managed to bring Mufti Abdul Qavi on her morning show.

Speaking to morning show host Dr Fiza Akbar Khan on Bol TV, Hareem said she wanted to take revenge on all those who were responsible for her media trial and she picked Mufti Abdul Qavi first of all to settle the score.

Hareem said that she paid for the air ticket from her own pocket to bring Mufti Qavi from Lahore to Karachi. She said she was very angry at Mufti Qavi because he was trying to create an impression that she was married to him.

“I can swear to God, I’m not married to Mufti Qavi,” Hareem said. She said Mufti Qavi told her that he wanted to give her a kiss on her lips and her tongue. She said she didn’t just slap Qavi; she hit him with shoes in the hotel room where he was staying after his arrival in Karachi for the morning show.

Hareem said that Mufti Qavi also wanted her to give him some favours other than the air ticket and Rs50,000, which she had offered him for participation in the morning show. She said that Mufti Qavi kissed her in her car and he asked her to stick her tongue out because he wanted to give her a kiss on her tongue.

Mufti Abdul Qavi told Hareem Shah recently that women want to come close to him. In this picture, Qavi’s unknown fans are taking a selfie with him at an undisclosed location.

Mufti Abdul Qavi however denied the allegations levelled by Hareem Shah. He said that Hareem Shah was lying to the TV channel. He said the only reason he went to Karachi to participate in the morning show was that he had very good terms with the owners of the TV channel that was hosting the show.

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