Watch: Hania Aamir getting her nose pierced, crying

Pakistani actress Hania Aamir.–File photo

Pakistani film and television actress Hania Aamir live streamed her experience of getting her nose pierced on Friday.

In the video she later posted on her YouTube channel, Hania says she has nothing to do right now so she thought let’s do something creative; get her nose pierced. She is seen preparing for the job and being driven by her friend Umar to the place where she was supposed to get the job done.

Hania says she had her nose pierced in the past, but she removed her nose pin while shooting the movie Parwaaz Hai Junoon in 2018. As a result, she says, the piercing disappeared after some time. During nose piercing, tears can be seen rolling down her face.

After getting the job done, Hania goes to her friends and asks them to tell her how she is looking after having her nose pierced. Her friends however approved of her decision and told her she was looking really good.

Towards the end of the video, Hania says she has lost the key of her apartment during her nose piercing process. However, she asks her friend Kashif to break the door so that they can get in.

Finally, Hania asks Asher to tell how she is looking after having her nose pierced. In response, Asher says she is looking good. Very nice, he said.

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