Tania’s resignation as top aide: know the facts

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Digital Pakistan Tania Aidrus resigned from her position on Wednesday. Reasons for her resignation are given below.
The first and the foremost reason is the irregularities, which were alleged in the use of funds allocated for the Digital Pakistan Foundation set up by Tania. Prime Minister Imran Khan had ordered an investigation into the alleged irregularities in the use of foundation’s funds. The foundation was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and Tania and Jahangir Khan Tareen, one of the most influential leaders of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) until a few months ago, were among directors of the foundation.
According to the sources, Tania could not clear herself of the allegations of misuse or irregular use of funds during the investigation. The project to digitise Pakistan was given to Tania’s non-government organisation. To add to it, many people had reservations about Tania’s dual nationality.
It is worth mentioning here that Tania had tweeted after her resignation on Wednesday that she resigned from her post in the larger public interest. She said that she had come to Pakistan with the passion to serve, but her Canadian citizenship was called into question repeatedly. She said that she would come back whenever Pakistan needs her.

Tania was formally notified as special assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan on February 28 this year. Tania is a resident of Karachi, Pakistan, but she left the country around 20 years ago to pursue higher education. Before coming back to Pakistan, she worked abroad with top institutions of the world like Google. She came back to Pakistan on the invitation of the political team working in close coordination with Prime Minister Imran Khan. However, the opposition political parties mounted pressure on the government to remove dual nationals from the cabinet after the Cabinet Division announced nationalities and assets of all advisers and special assistants to the prime minister a couple of weeks ago.

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