Shaniera Akram trolled over favourite dish tweet

A tweet by Shaniera Akram, wife of legendary Wasim Akram, also known as the Sultan of Swing, about her favourite dish provided a troll an opportunity to give her a long lecture.
Astonished by the troll’s comment, Shaniera took a screenshot of the troll’s comment and share it on her Twitter page.
Responding to the troll, she said, “This is trolling to another level! I mean, I just can’t even …… Exploding head. What’s does a person have to do to make everyone happy these days?? #SaveOurVegetables #TrollingAtItsBest”
Responding to the troll, Tony Khan, one of the people following Shaniera on Twitter, wrote, “Level 2: Eat dirt. It’s organic. Unless you then have someone saying you’re taking away earthworm homes. I guess we have to evolve to eat air instead. Giving rise to Oxygen Rights Activists.”
Shaniera later tweeted, “This is exactly why people really shouldn’t take anything on social media to much to heart! #TrollingToAnotherLevel”

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