Senator Azam Swati breaks into tears as he tells his daughter was sent his private videos

ISLAMABAD – Senator Azam Swati cries at a live press conference as he narrates how the intelligence agencies have tortured him mentally and physically.–Photo courtesy social media

ISLAMABAD – Senator Azam Swati, a member of the upper house of the Pakistani parliament, broke into tears at a live press conference while narrating how the country’s intelligence agencies picked him from his house, stripped him naked, filmed him and then sent his fake and inappropriate video to his daughter.

Narrating his harrowing experience to media persons in the federal capital, Swati said his daughter called him from the United States and told him that she had received an inappropriate video from an unknown number featuring him and his wife. He said he was a religious person and a faithful husband and the intelligence personnel who picked him from his house did this to him.

Swati’s press conference drew immediate reaction from various quarters.

Former prime minister Imran Khan, who is also chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), the party Swati belongs to, took to Twitter to express his feeling about what was done to the lawmaker. He wrote, “I want to apologise on behalf of Pakistan to Mrs Swati, a very private, non public, tahajut guzaar lady for the pain, anguish and sense of humiliation she is having to suffer.”

He said, “Pakistan was created on Islamic moral values of human dignity, honour of the family & inviolability of chadar & chardawari. What has happened to Azam Swati at the hands of the State has been a blatant violation of all these values – from being stripped naked to custodial torture & now this video where privacy of his wife has been violated. It is both shocking, despicable & utterly condemnable. No human being should have to suffer this. I call on the CJP to take suo moto notice of this.”

Fellow Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar, who is a lawyer by profession and belongs to the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), too took to Twitter to express his anger at what the intelligence agencies did to Swati. He said, “This clip of Azam Swati is a slap on the face of the Senate chairman and the entire parliament. I had never thought our intelligence agencies will become shameless to this extent and tear apart our religious and social ethics. Self-respect of no one is safe. May these people face God’s curse.”

Here is more reaction from some political and social figures.

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