Pakistan’s comedy king Umar Shareef moves court against third wife

Umar Shareef with his third wife Zareen Ghazal.–File photo

Pakistan’s comedy king Umar Shareef has moved the Sindh High Court (SHC) against his third wife over a property row.

According to Umar Shareef’s lawyer, the comedian got a loan from a bank in 2016 to buy an apartment in Karachi’s Askari 4 neighbourhood. He is suffering from amnesia and his third wife Zareen Ghazal threatened him during his illness to get the expensive apartment transferred to her name in December 2020, says the comedian’s lawyer.

Amnesia is a form of memory loss. Some people suffering from this disease have difficulty forming new memories, while others can’t recall facts or past experiences of their life. People suffering from amnesia usually retain knowledge of their own identity, as well as motor skills. However, a mild memory loss is a normal part of aging.

Umar Shareef, who hosted The Sharif Show on a private TV channel for years and starred in many movies, now fears that his wife is going to sell his Rs110 million apartment in Karachi’s posh area, Askari 4, says his lawyer.

During Monday’s hearing, Umar Shareef’s lawyer appealed to the court to declare null and void the gift deed, which Zareen Ghazal, a stage actress by profession, got signed by Umar Sharif allegedly by force. The court declared the gift deed presented by Zareen Ghazal null and void and issues notices to both parties involved in the case.

Umar Shareef with his third wife Zareen Ghazal
Umar Shareef and Zareen Ghazal in a happy mood.–File photo

The stage actress has yet to respond to the development as the court has stayed the sale of the apartment she claims ownership of.

The 66 years old actor and comedian has been ill for a long time and he is now wheelchair ridden. The last time he appeared in the court, he was seen on the wheelchair.

Umar Shareef has starred in several stage dramas and movies such as Hisab, Kundan, Mr. 420, Khandan and Laat Sahb.

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