Pakistan PM Office audio leaks scandal: Who is ‘Mr. 13’ and the ‘Gen’ time is up for?

ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and his niece Maryam Nawaz have been at the centre of the recent PM Office audio leaks.-Photo courtesy PM Office (Twitter)

ISLAMABAD — “Mr. 13 is the next wicket. Your time is up Gen …,” says the latest tweet from the self-proclaimed hacker who claims to be behind the audio leaks scandal involving the Pakistan Prime Minister’s Office.

This tweet has left many guessing about the “Mr. 13” and the “Gen” whose “time is up”.

However, a big number of Pakistani social media users was seen speculating about the “Mr. 13” and the institution he belongs to.

But to know the true identity of the “Mr. 13” and see if his time is really up, Pakistanis would have to wait for a few hours since the ‘hacker’ promised to release all the audio leaks today (Friday, September 30, 2022).

In another key development, the entire thread of 10 tweets the ‘hacker’ posted on Thursday has been deleted.

However, it’s not clear yet whether the ‘hacker’ himself removed the tweets, the Pakistan authorities had the tweets removed due the sensitive information given in the tweets or Twitter itself removed the tweets due to some policy violations or complaints from the Pakistani authorities.

There is no word on this issue from any of the three parties so far.

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