Nora Fatehi names the ‘man’ she wants to marry!

Nora Fatehi has overwhelmed India through her powerful dance moves.–File photo

Nora Fatehi, a Moroccan-Canadian dancer who has overwhelmed India through her powerful dance moves, beauty and innocence, has revealed the name of the ‘man’ she wants to marry.

Nora was recently invited as a guest to a popular Indian TV show called What Women Want. The show is hosted by beautiful Kareena Kapoor Khan. During the conversation, Kareena asked Nora a question about her marriage plans. It was then that Nora named the man she wanted to marry.

As Kareena told Nora that she and her husband Saif Ali Khan were huge fans of her dance moves, Nora thanked her for the compliments and immediately revealed the name of the ‘man’ she was in love with. She said, “I am hoping that soon, when Taimur grows up, we can think of engagement or marriage between me and him.”

Nora’s remarks left Kareena, who is going to deliver her second child with Saif in February this year, speechless for a moment. In the ensuring moments, she started laughing and said, “Well, he is four. I think there is a long way to go.” Nora joined Kareena in the laughter and said, “It’s okay. I will wait.”

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