Katrina Kaif releases pictures from her Mehendi ceremony

Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal in a happy mood at their Mehendi ceremony.–Photo courtesy Katrina Kaif/Instagram

Indian actress Katrina Kaif on Sunday released pictures from her Mehendi celebrations on her Instagram handle.

She captioned the pictures as, “Mehendi Taa Sajdi Je Nache Saara Tabbar!”

Katrina and her fellow actor Vicky Kaushal tied the knot at a limited but high-profile ceremony at an elite hotel in Rajasthan on Thursday (December 9, 2021).

Soon after the wedding celebrations, both Katrina and Vicky posted the following message on their Instagram handles:

“Only love and gratitude in our hearts for everything that brought us to this moment. Seeking all your love and blessings as we begin this new journey together.”

Picture 1:

Katrina Kaif wedding pictures

Picture 2:

Katrina Kaif wedding pictures

Picture 3:

Katrina Kaif wedding pictures

Picture 4:

Katrina Kaif wedding pictures

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