Jazz invests Rs5.3 billion to fortify digital landscape in Pakistan

Jazz, the foremost digital operator in Pakistan, has injected more than Rs 5.3 billion to fortify the digital landscape in Pakistan.–File photo

Jazz, the foremost digital operator in Pakistan, has injected more than Rs 5.3 billion in the first quarter of 2024 to fortify the digital landscape, spanning fintech, cloud services, and digital entertainment domains. This pushes its cumulative investment in the nation to $10.6 billion.

A significant chunk of Jazz’s expenditure for the quarter was channeled into expanding and upgrading its network infrastructure, leading to a substantial surge in its 4G customer base, which now stands at 45.9 million. Overall subscriber numbers have reached 71.7 million, with 67 million monthly active users across its digital platforms.

Jazz has emerged as the largest Voice over LTE (VoLTE) network in the region, with over 23 million daily active VoLTE customers. The introduction of JazzFi, enabling communication over Wi-Fi connections, has garnered over 4 million users within a few months of its launch.

Aamir Ibrahim, CEO of Jazz, highlighted the company’s strategy, emphasizing the expansion of its 4G network outreach, particularly in semi-urban and rural areas. He also underscored Jazz’s role as a digital lifestyle partner through its platform Tamasha, its drive for financial inclusion with JazzCash, and its strengthening of cloud and cybersecurity offerings through Garaj.

The robust engagement across all Jazz platforms, coupled with Jazz’s contribution of over 42% of the industry-wide 4G subscriptions in the quarter, validates its customer-centric approach.

Furthermore, Jazz is venturing into EdTech, HealthTech, and addressing the ‘AI language gap’ by developing Gen AI-powered Urdu language models and locally relevant AI applications, aiming to provide a comprehensive and accessible digital experience for customers.

The performance of Jazz’s digital services in the quarter solidified its position as the country’s leading digital operator. JazzCash, the leading fintech in Pakistan with 44 million customers, achieved an 89% year-on-year revenue surge, driven by Gross Transaction Value. JazzCash’s extensive network of registered agents and merchants facilitated significant digitalization of society and financial services, transforming Pakistan’s financial landscape.

Tamasha, Pakistan’s leading entertainment platform, reached 12 million monthly active users, with revenue doubling year-on-year, driven by AdTech during the Pakistan Super League cricket matches. Jazz’s cloud platform, Garaj, also experienced substantial growth, empowering over 100 enterprises with advanced cloud and cybersecurity solutions.

Recently achieving Premier status of VMware Cloud Services by Broadcom, Garaj offers enterprise customers industry-leading security and scalability for their business-critical infrastructure. Moreover, the self-care and lifestyle app SIMOSA (formerly JazzWorld) saw an increase in monthly active users, now standing at 14.9 million.

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