How to get driving licence in 10 simple steps?

Until recently, gettinga driving licence without bribing police officials or their agents was a gigantic task in Punjab, the largest province of Pakistan in terms of population. However, the Punjab Police appear to have been improving the driving licence issuance system for the common good of people of the province.
In the latest video posted on their Twitter page, the Punjab Police have explained how anyone can get his/her driving licence in 10 simple steps. Here are the 10 steps to you becoming a licence holder driver:
1. Take your Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC) and get postal tickets
2. Go to the nearest driving licence centre
3. Get a Learner’s Licence forthe vehicle you want to drive
4. Complete the 40 days mandatory period as a Learner’s Licence holder
5. Download the licence form from the police website get it from the nearest driving licence centre
6. Fill out your licence form
7. Get your medical certificate from a designated doctor
8. Prepare a file containing all required documents
9. Memorise traffic signs and meaning of each sign
10. Go to the nearest driving licence centreand take the driving test
You will get your licence if you have been successful in your test or you will have to repeat the above process for the second attemptto secure your driving licence.
Here is the link to the informative video the Punjab Police posted on their Twitter page in order to facilitate driving licence seekers. Have a look!

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