First Lady Tehmina Durrani shares picture with PM Shehbaz Sharif

ISLAMABAD – Tehmina Durrani is said to have been married to Shehbaz Sharif since 2003.–Photo courtesy Tehmina Durrani (Twitter)

ISLAMABAD — First Lady of Pakistan Tehmina Durrani on Wednesday shared a pleasant picture with her husband, newly-elected Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif.

In the picture, which Durrani shared on her Twitter handle on Wednesday afternoon, the couple is seen in a pleasant mood.

Durrani captioned the picture as, “Dass Marla: Eid Mubaraq to all our followers, my readership without boundaries, & all those who have faith in our intentions to serve Pakistan in any and every way…for which we need your prayers more than ever before. Ameen #pmShehbazSharif”

A few days ago, Durrani visited Bilquis Edhi, the wife of Pakistani humanitarian and philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi, shortly before her death at a private hospital in Karachi.

Describing her meeting with the philanthropist, Durrani wrote, “Today Bilquise & I wept a river in her hospital room. She cried for Edhi sb & I cried for her. She is So unwell! And when she called me the 1st lady I squirmed. Indeed NO 1st lady can match up to the greatness of ‘Edhi’s Bilquise’.”

PM Shehbaz too was in Karachi at that time, but he remained busy in political activities.

Durrani, who is author of a popular autobiography titled “My Feudal Lord”, is one of the women Prime Minister Sharif has been married to. She is said to have been married to Sharif since 2003.

Durrani, who associates herself to women’s empowerment and child rights and is a staunch follower of Abdul Satar Edhi’s ideology of a social welfare state, rarely posts pictures on social media with husband Shehbaz Sharif.

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