Case registered against stage actress Khushbu in theatre video leak scandal

Pakistani stage actress Khushbu Khan has been accused of paying to a staff member to shoot videos of her co-actresses Mehak Noor and Zara Khan in their changing room.–File photo

The Cybercrime Wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has registered a case against Pakistani film and stage actress Khushbu for her alleged involvement in a video leak scandal involving some stage actresses.

A few days ago, some stage actresses were filmed through a secret camera while changing their dresses backstage and these videos were released on the internet later.

As the videos went viral, FIA’s Cybercrime Wing took action on the complaint of theatre owner Malik Tariq Mahmood and registered a case against popular stage actress Sobia, who is well-known by her stage name Khushbu Khan, Kashif Chan (the man who shot the videos), Imran Shauki and Ahmad.

Key accused Kashif told the FIA investigators that he shot these secret videos on the instructions of actress Khushbu Khan. Explaining how he shot these videos, Kashif said he would leave his cell phone in the changing room of the stage actresses, pretending that he was charging his phone, and he would leave the video recorder on. He said that Khushbu paid him Rs100000 for this task.

According to the Cybercrime Wing of the FIA, a case was registered against Khushbu and others after investigators retrieved the secret videos from Kashif’s phone.

It’s worth mentioning here that Khushbu had left the theatre after an argument with the theatre owner and her co-actors.

Kashif said later that Khushbu had lured him into shooting the secret videos of stage actresses Mehak Noor and Zara Khan in their changing room at Lahore’s Shalimar Theatre. He said that Khushbu had promised him a well-paid job at another theatre.

Kashif said Khushbu had told him that she wanted to record audio conversations of her co-actresses Mehak and Zara because she suspected they were saying something bad about her on her back. He said that Khushbu guided him as to how to use the phone for recording and he had no idea that in fact he was shooting videos of the actresses and not the audios.

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