Canadian biker girl Rosie Gabrielle marries her Pakistani ‘best friend’

Canadian traveller Rosie Gabrielle is in love with everything about Pakistan.–Photo courtesy Rosie's Instagram page

Rosie Gabrielle, the Canadian solo biker and traveller who is in love with the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Pakistan, announced her marriage to a Pakistani man on Saturday.

She took to Instagram to make an announcement about the man she has picked for herself. She has married Adeel Amer, who introduces himself as the first Pakistani digital nomad, full time traveller and real estate investment consultant. She wrote: “I’M MARRIED!”

She then continued, “Never would I thought that I would come to Pakistan and fall in LOVE. Not only with a country and its people, but one very special individual in particular. My whole life I searched for him. My soulmate, my companion, my best friend.

“Before I came to Pakistan, I surrendered my need to find someone. I made a pact with God, that if I had to spend the rest of my life living for only Him, and loving myself, without needing someone to “complete me”, SO BE IT. I finally knew deep down that I’m ENOUGH. And I didn’t need anyone to make me whole.

“It’s a funny thing surrender; the moment you do, you are gifted 10 times over. Divine says, give up your desire for your needs, for what I have in store for you, is much Greater. And it was true!

Rosie Gabrielle with her Pakistani husband Adeel Amer.

“Not only did I find my soul partner, I found my best friend. The one who I will cherish and continue to love more deeply every day. Someone whom I can share every detail of my life with without guilt or judgment, who challenges me, who continuously pushes me to be a better person. The one who loves me unconditionally and has patience and compassionate grace for my journey. The man who lights up my life and inspires me every single day with his love and actions. Someone who compliments me perfectly.

Rosie Gabrielle after converting to Islam.

“Our love was written in the stars. There was a subtle familiarity and connection I had never felt and more, it’s as if we had lived a thousand lifetimes before. In the most unsuspected place I found, a love so rare, so profound. God gifted me you and you to me, to reflect back His Divinity. “To truly find our life’s sacred calling, our souls emerge hearts exalting. My bestest friend, companion, motivator, inspiration, my heart my soul, my LOVE. “My husband @adeelamer.”

Earlier in January this year, Rosie had dropped a hint about her marriage, but she did not elaborate. She wrote:

Rosie Gabrielle shows the ring.

“2020 LESSON # 3 -Something I haven’t publicly spoken about yet.

“How can one know the depths of love & truly know the value a person brings to life, without the contrast of separation.

“After 2 life threatening experiences, & being medically evacuated home, I was faced with an even BIGGER challenge. With all the complications COVID brought, I was forced to go through the pain & devastation of being torn apart from my love for 6 Long months.

“It’s a part of my life I’ve chosen to keep private but will share more soon. For now, I’ll share the details of what this (gentle) lesson taught me. How much do we take for granted the people in our life? How much do we value the precious time we have with them (which isn’t a lot). How much are we grateful for each moment we spend with them as it may be our last? And how much do you LOVE the people in your life and REALLY show it.

Rosie Gabrielle on the go.

“I was very lucky. I got a chance to experience this polarity on a temporary basis. Involuntarily ripped from each other’s arms at the mercy of a logistical nightmare. It was as though a piece of me had died. Every day felt like it would never end and every month felt like an eternity. It brought up every fear and old trauma wound you could imagine. Fear of abandonment, fear of loss. There was a void inside that no matter how hard i tried, I couldn’t fill. And so it was, for 6 painful months, I grieved and I fought. All the while knowing- this was exactly what we needed. Everything as we know, happens for a reason, and for our own good.

Rosie Gabrielle picking apricots in Misgar.

“Once we were triggered & faced with our fears, we had no choice but to feel & release them. Thus freeing us from the repetitive hurdles we might face in the future from past wounds. Once we were physically separated, the pain we felt only grew our appreciation towards one another. We got to witness the value each other brought.

“The value and gratitude we built for one another has created an unshakable foundation that will outlast our lifetimes. Each moment we cherish, each day we celebrate, & with deep gratitude give thanks. The love that we share could never be there had we not felt the pain that separation had made. And for that we are GRATEFUL.”

Rosie Gabrielle at Shah Rukan-e-Alam’s shrine in Multan.

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  1. There should be haters in life too
    Now everyone will fall in love and it will be seen
    Our relationship with you will not be weak
    It is a conspiracy of time, sometimes we are busy, sometimes you are busy

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