Bank manager arrested, fired from job as harassment video goes viral

A grab taken from the harassment video involving an Islamabad bank manager and his woman colleague.–File photo

Islamabad Police on Saturday arrested a private bank manager for harassing a woman colleague at work.

The police sprang into action after a video of the harassment incident went viral on the social media.

The Islamabad Police DIG (Operations) tweeted, “Usman Gohar Manager Credit department Faysal Bank F10 Markaz Islamabad has been arrested & shifted to Police Station. Further legal action being taken.”

As the news spread, the bank management moved to control the damage. The bank dismissed the accused manager from service with immediate effect and promised that it would take all the required action against him per the bank’s code of conduct.

In a tweet, the bank said: “Faysal Bank strongly condemns such individual act of unprofessional behavior and #workplaceharassment by an employee, which is contrary to the strong value system, ethical standards and professional work environment being maintained by the Bank for all its employees. #UsmanGohar”

Earlier, Muhammad Hamza Shafqaat, deputy commissioner of Islamabad, said the accused bank manager had been on the run since the harassment video went viral and that police had been conducting raids to arrest him.

Shafqaat tweeted, “Bank Harassment case update. Police raided his house. The culprit has turned his cell off and his hiding for the last 3 hours. One special team is searching for him. Will update soon.”

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