After US, Saudi Arabia and Australia too issue security alert for citizens in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD — Following a warning by the US Embassy in Islamabad to its staff against the visit to Marriott Hotel, Saudi Arabia and Australia too have advised their citizens in Pakistan to be careful and restrict their movement amid the deteriorating security situation in the South Asian country.

In a statement shared via Twitter, the Saudi Arabian embassy issued a security alert for its citizens, telling them to be “careful and limit their movement”.

The Saudi authorities through the security alert have advised incoming Saudi residents and those in the country to “be cautious” and not step out except for any necessity. “Security of Islamabad has been placed at the highest level,” says the alert, adding that Saudis should contact the embassy and consulate if the need arises.

In a related development, Australia has updated its travel advisory for Pakistan, saying, “Australian officials in Islamabad have been advised to increase vigilance and limit travel within the city.”

Issuing the travel advisory, Australian High Commissioner to Pakistan Neil Hawkins asked his people to exercise heightened vigilance and monitor the media for latest updates.

The advisory asked potential travellers to Pakistan to “reconsider” their decision due to the “volatile security situation and high threat of terrorist attack, kidnapping and violence”.

Aftermath Of Islamabad Suicide Attack

The development comes days after a suicide attack killed a policeman and wounded six others in Islamabad.

After the suicide bombing, Islamabad was put on high alert and gatherings of all types were banned in the federal capital.

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