Abid Ali’s daughter talks about ‘another woman’ in her father’s life

Rahma Ali, daughter of legendary film and TV actor Abid Ali.–Photo courtesy Rahma Ali's Instagram page

Legendary film and TV actor Abid Ali’s daughter Rahma Ali has beautifully narrated in an Instagram post how the romance between her father and mother started in the early days of PTV and how it all came to an end after “another woman” walked into his father’s life.

She writes, “A beautiful picture from the day my parents got married.

They were insanely in love!

My mother was a very young yet known actor and singer at PTV. My father, a boy who had come all the way from Quetta to Lahore to become an actor, walked into PTV Station and eventually my mother’s life. They had both developed a liking for each other from a distance and had their little ‘stare at each other’ contest going on till they finally worked in a project together.

Papa fell in love with the pretty and happy-go-lucky girl and kept chasing her till she finally said yes (who wouldn’t, he was one handsome guy with a very charming personality) and the two started ‘going out’ 🤭

They decided to get married a cpl of years later. The families weren’t too happy but my parents forced their parents and made it happen because they couldn’t ‘live without each other’ anymore.

After their marriage, my father asked my mother to leave her career (like most men do) and move to Quetta. That’s exactly what she did. He would then leave her in Quetta and come to Lahore for work, quite often. She’d spend her days in the Sasuraal, waiting for him to return. Oh, they used to write letters to each other. Yeah! Letters, filled with love and romance. Saying how they missed each other.

(I’ve read a cpl of them. Sshhh!)

But like, almost every other love, their’s started to fade too. He’d be too busy working and being indulged in all the things men do outside of marriages. It all started to fall apart. She was home (back in Lahore tho) giving birth to and raising children and he was out there, shining bright like a diamond. It does get annoying.

They had serious problems but somehow managed to hold it together for good 30 years. It had became weak enough for another woman to take full advantage of the gap between the two. So the second, unannounced, marriage happened. And whatever little, imperfect world we had, came crashing down. Nothing ever went back to normal! And now he’s gone forever.

I wonder why love is so fragile. I wonder why it almost never lasts forever.

P.S. This is what I like abt pictures. They’re proof that once, even if just for a heartbeat, everything was perfect!”

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